Pastor Tim and Stephanie Blackman
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"Preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified"
26803 S. Dixie Hwy.         Crete, IL 60417         (708) 367-0277
Pastor Tim and Stephanie Blackman have been
serving as  the  Senior Pastor at Christ Church
of Victory since August of 2014, along with their
two children, Hailey and Lucas. After holding the
position of Associate Pastor for four years,
Pastor Tim assumed the responsibility of senior
Pastor after the retirement of Pastor Cliff
McKeethern. As well, Pastor Tim serves in
pastoring the Blood Bought Youth Ministry,
bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our young
people on their level, along with practical
apologetic teaching that will equip our youth with
the ability to stand for Christ in an ever growing
Anti-christian culture. Pastor Tim continues to
present and preserve the Message of The
Cross as Senior Pastor of Christ Church of
Victory now, and  by God's Grace and Mercy for
many  years to  come.
Sunday Morning
10:00 AM

Sunday Evening
6:00 PM

Wednesday Night
7:00 PM