Our Ministry was originally started in the
early 1960’s, with Reverend Herbert Eugene
and Mary McKeethern. They relocated from
their home in Missouri with their two sons,
Cliff and Gary, to live in Sauk Village, Illinois.
In 1963 they opened the Full Gospel Faith
Assembly, located on Chicago Road in Chicago
Heights, Illinois. They were licensed and
affiliated with the Full Gospel Assembly based
in Missouri. After a few years in the Chicago
Heights location, they then moved the Ministry
to Green Street in Steger, IL. In 1972,
Reverend Herbert and Mary turned the
ministry over to Reverend Mary T. Weiser.
Reverend McKeethern went to be with the
Lord in January of 1977 at the age of  44.
Mary currently resides in Missouri.
"Preaching Jesus Christ and Him Crucified"
26803 S. Dixie Hwy.         Crete, IL 60417         (708) 367-0277
Sister Weiser was licensed and affiliated  with  
The  Church  of God based in Tennessee. The
Ministry then returned to Chicago Heights. In
1974 the name of the ministry was changed to
Christ Church of Victory and in the 1980’s,
moved to its current location in Crete. Sister
Weiser was also associated with Christ Church
of Victory in Joliet. The Pastor at that time has
since gone on to the be with the Lord, but
Christ Church of Victory has continued in
Joliet. CCOV in Crete currently has no
affiliation with CCOV in Joliet. In 2001, Cliff
and Karen McKeethern felt the Lord was
leading them to visit, their friend, Sister
Weiser’s church. After a few months of
attendance, Sister Weiser gave Cliff the
position of Senior Pastor and turned the
church in its entirety over to Pastor Cliff and
Karen. Sister Weiser had been faithful to the
ministry for 30 years. She has since went to be
with the Lord.
After accepting the position, Pastor Cliff began
teaching the Message of the Cross and became
licensed and affiliated with Jimmy Swaggart
Ministries, located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
Pastor Cliff and Karen carried on a great work
in Crete including holding many Revival
Services, establishing Men's and Women's
Ministries, a nursing home Ministry and also
Blood Bought Youth Ministry. Pastor Cliff has
also had the privilege of preaching at Family
Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA. In July
of 2010, Pastor Cliff appointed his
son-in-law, Tim Blackman to the position of
Associate Pastor. After the passing of Sister
Karen, Pastor Cliff retired from the Ministry
and in August of 2014, Pastor Tim assumed
the responsibility of Senior Pastor. Pastor Cliff
currently resides in Indiana.
Also in August of 2014, long time member
Sam Rios officially accepted the role of
Associate Pastor. Pastor Tim and Pastor Sam
have continued all of the Ministries that were
previously set in place by Pastor Cliff and
Karen. Pastor Tim also serves as Youth
Pastor to the Blood Bought Youth Ministry
on Sunday nights, while Pastor Sam oversees
the Blood Bought Kids
' Ministries. The
church also continues to be licensed and
affiliated with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.
Both Pastor
Tim and Pastor Sam are going
forward teaching and preaching the Message
of The Cross and are excited to see what the
Lord has in store for this Ministry that was
started so many years ago.
Sunday Morning
10:00 AM
Sunday Evening
6:00 PM

Wednesday Night
7:00 PM