Sunday Morning
10:00 AM

Sunday Evening
6:00 PM

Wednesday Night
7:00 PM
What the Youth of today need is not another Program, Concert, or
Event, what they need is the Preaching of the Gospel of Jesus
Christ, Jesus Christ and Him Crucified. For the Cross and the Cross
Alone is the Power of God for Everyone! Whether they be Jew or
Gentile, Adult or Young person, the Gospel is not restrained by
time, age, or genre. What our kids need is not more flashing lights,
disco balls or smoke machines, they need the
Preaching of the Cross!

Blood Bought Youth Ministries is dedicated to giving the Gospel of
Jesus Christ to our Young People on a level they can receive it and
understand it. Pastor Tim takes the time to bring to the table the
Message of the Cross coupled with practical apologetics, equipping
the Youth of Christ Church of Victory with an answer for the hope
which they have within them (1Peter 3:15), understanding that the
faith they've come to embrace in Jesus Christ is not a Religion but a
relationship with a Living Savior.
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